Deep Dive // Pink Floyd // Epilogue

One month and 14 albums later, I have reached the end of the Pink Floyd discography. I have to say it was quite the eye opening experience. As I made my way through their albums I realized just how influential their sound was and is to this day. Was it a solid discography? Yeah, for the most part…

It was bumpy in the beginning as they were figuring out their sound but it was interesting that even from album one there were hints of the Pink Floyd that was to come in the following years. Specifically long, psychedelic instrumentals.

Without a doubt their heyday was the run from Dark Side to The Wall. Those albums are not to be missed. Albums that came before like the aforementioned Atom Heart Mother and Meddle are also highly recommended.

Things began getting dicey after 1983’s The Final Cut when Roger Waters left the band. The following two albums, Momentary and Division, definitely tried to recapture the Pink Floyd sound and aesthetic but all felt overblown and at least 20 minutes too long.

With a discography this deep there are of course misses, the biggest in my opinion being Umma Gumma in 1969 and The Endless River in 2014. Both of these albums are mainly instrumental and just kind of meander. It’s unfortunate then that River was both their final album and a tribute to founding member Richard Wright.

In the end, I do see myself revisiting their discography, specifically The Wall, as that is such a deep, layered album. The Final Cut also has a denseness to it that begs for repeated listening.

Pink Floyd’s career is one that includes every trope in the book. Small beginnings leading to a meteoric rise, said rise leading to tensions within the band which end with a crucial, founding member leaving resulting in remaining members sounding like a copy paste version of their past but continuing on to varied success, etc. I wonder what stories the next deep dive will bring…

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